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The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Among the most beautiful and multicultural provinces in Canada, British Columbia, with its highly educated and skilled labor, is one of the most preferred business hubs in the country.

The BC-PNP is a relatively more economic immigration program designed to support the economic growth and the labor market of BC. It attracts entrepreneurs looking to invest in British Columbia and who can create jobs in BC as a result of their investment.

In this program, 200 registrations are accepted every month, and an invitation to apply to the highest-scoring registrants is sent. The application remains in the pool for six months unless it is selected in a shorter span. Successful applications among these are given a Work Permit. Upon running the business in British Columbia and complying with certain requirements of the BC government, the government of British Columbia (PNP Office) then issues a letter of nomination to apply for Permanent Residency to the individual and his family (including children up to the age of 19 years).

General requirements for the BC-PNP program are as under:

Business Requirements: